On Tuesday, July 11 we will gather in Riga's Central Market to celebrate and watch the top nine basketball dunk masters in the World's Dunking Championship Ghetto Kings of Air 2017.

This is the fifth consecutive year that Latvia's Ghetto Games organization hosts the best slam-dunk contest in the world.


This year at the Kings of Air we will have many new dunkers in Riga.

One of the world's best dunkers, Guy Dupuy, who hasn't yet been to Latvia will be visiting us. And also, the fresh CJ Champion from America will be showing us his moves. 

We are pleased to host dunkers from our neighboring countries; the Lithuanian All Star Games slam dunk winner Gediminas Zitlinskas, and 18 year old supertalent from Poland, Piters Grabo.

Ghetto Games' journey to the Philippines had an impact on the line up too, and now we will have David Carlos , Philippines native, debut this year. 

And what would the Kings of Air be without its returning guests; David Carlos from Ukraine, Chris Staple from America, Krastu Mača winner Jordan Southerland, and two time Kings of Air Champion Jordan Kiliganon